MultiTouch Surfaces and Tables

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multi-touch tables

MultiTouch Surfaces and Tables

Consumers have shown a growing preference for the multi-touch, gestural interface pioneered by the iPhone® but thus far, this has been limited to smaller, hand-held devices. Multitouch surfaces and tables can now be of any size and shape. LUSENS has extended this paradigm to now successfully engage consumers using much larger mediums including floor screens, table tops, and window displays… Read more →

interactive window

Monetize your Store Window with a Touch Interactive Window Experience

You can now monetize-your-store-window  with a Touch Interactive Window Experience. Interactive windows are rapidly becoming the next in-thing after traditional store windows. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology is now possible to create an impressive user-engagement experience that will allow stores to, practically, work 24/7.  The ability to project multimedia content including images, video and textual information and let people browse, select and even purchase items while… Read more →

interactive user experiences

Engaging User Experiences

Engaging User Experiences captivate, entertain and inform audiences. Research suggests that interactive mediums are significantly more effective and memorable than non-interactive alternatives. At Lusens we design engaging user experiences that blend with customer’s site environment, combining an enveloping sculptural with a powerful multimedia experience that engages and inspires the audience and leaves a lasting impression.   To create WOW Interactive and engaging user experiences a… Read more →