What Is an Immersive Multimedia Experience

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What Is an Immersive Multimedia Experience

What Is an Immersive Multimedia Experience? If you like to stay up to date with the fast-paced worlds of multimedia, touch technology and experiences that lean toward being more interactive, you may have seen the term “immersive media experience.” This term is often used as more of a buzzword to describe any interactive display or device, but a real immersive… Read more →

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MultiTouch Technology is Here to Stay

The way we interact with machines has recently changed. Input devices like keyboards, joysticks and mouses are now things of the past. Intuitive multitouch technology as well as motion and gestures interactive technologies replaced older technologies. Touch, Gestures and Multitouch technology developed by companies such as LUSENS, now allows users to interact with digital computing content in a more natural, intuitive, engaging… Read more →