Research & Development


In today’s fast-changing digital world, the way we interact with machines has evolved to more natural user interfaces based on speech, touch, body motion, gestures and facial expressions. At Lusens, our R&D team consisting of Computer Scientists, Engineers, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Voice and Speech Recognition and UX experts are constantly researching and  developing new technologies and techniques on UX for application in a myriad of areas.



Combining Lusens expertise in User Experience (UX) with leading edge in accurate body position and motion analysis as well as touch and gesture sensing technologies, Lusens has brought to life numerous products and solutions including GoPhysio, a tele-health system and others, and created and installed numerous immersive and interactive experiences including Donor Recognition Walls,Interactive Way-Finders, Interactive Bartop Tables,Multitouch Tables, Interactive Floors, Interactive Walls, Other Interactive Experience, WOW Immersive Experiences and even Body & Gesture Driven Games. Lusens designs, creates and supports custom experiences leveraging the latest in 3d technology such as the case of our tele-health application developed in partnership with 4d Health Science, the GoPhysio virtual trainer project leveraging Lusens technology empowered by AI techniques for dealing with body occlusion, or in our   dance with me application in the video above.

Body Position and Movement Analysis

As part of a challenging R&D effort, Lusens, created body pose and body motion analysis technology that permitted us design fully interactive virtual trainer applications whereby the user interfaces with an avatar that guides, corrects and encourages a person based in his/her movements.  As part of this state-of-the-art solution, Lusens integrates artificial intelligence elements which helps estimating the exact 3d body position under extreme conditions including occluded body parts, to provide an accurate corrective feedback.

Touch Technology

Lusens Labs, which is Lusens R&D arm, developed touch and multi-touch technologies that allows to convert any regular surface, of any size, shape or form, into a touch or multi-touch interactive surface. Using this technology Lusens has been able to create immersive experiences utilizing existing tables, floor surfaces, walls, windows or even curved surfaces.

Touch-less Technology

Lusens has also developed technology that understands and measures body motion, gestures and even facial expressions using 2d and 3d cameras. Our body motion and gesture sensing software allows rapid development of interactive games and experiences combining the physical world with an augmented, digital world.

Avatar Animation Using Low Cost Computing Architecture

Lusens has also developed technology that permits to create and animate avatars using low cost, low performance computing systems lacking aa powerful CPU and GPU. Using these animated avatars and the best in voice recognition, text to speech and other technologies, Lusens is able to create outstanding interactive experiences with an avatar interacting with the user by voice and gestures.

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