Immersive Retail Experiences


Immersive Retail Experiences: Merging the Best of Image-Based and Results-Oriented Marketing

The art of storytelling requires creating an entire world in the minds of the listeners. Letting the audience visualize images with your words is exactly what you want to do if you want your message to be remembered. As a brand, the story that you tell about your brand will decide how the world sees you and how it responds to your products and services. Immersive retail experiences are effective and memorable. Make sure that your story is unique and engaging.

Interactive and immersive retail experiences aren’t just about stimulating the senses and having your guests, visitors or customers shaking their heads in amazement. The “Wow” factor is definitely a big part, but interactive displays, tabletops, floors, walls, exhibits and windows also provide the ideal platform for delivering a complete immersive retail experience. An experience where the best of image-based marketing and the best of results-oriented marketing can come together to create a marketing message people simply can’t resist.

Typical Problems with “Image-Based” Marketing

One of the common complaints about image-based marketing is that it doesn’t always lead to conversions. It is creative for the sake of being creative, but doesn’t factor in the actual humans that are supposed to take action based on what they see. This refers to many television commercials, billboards and similar displays that seem to be more about the creator’s artistic flair than about selling the products and services they promote. At first glance, interactive and immersive experiences may look like image-based marketing at its finest, but when you delve a little deeper, you’ll see that isn’t remotely the case.

Total Creative Control

When you decide to use an interactive / immersive display for an immersive retail experience, whether it is a wall, floor, window or table, you have control of what type of content is included. This includes images, logos, website URLs and content. You can control the level of interactivity and dictate when certain messages come up during the experience.

The Perfect Marketing Storm

You already know that interactive / immersive experiences can engage users like no other form of marketing or advertising, and when you add the creative control element, you end up with a perfect storm that encompasses the best of all worlds. You are able to envelop the senses and create the ideal solution for that specific situation. Any weaknesses that are evident with traditional image-based marketing are overcome through the strategic placement of content or calls-to-action to stimulate engagement. Your visitors and guests will be so caught up in the experience that they won’t even know they are being marketed to.


By adding a Lusens interactive / immersive experience to your retail environment as well as event, business, organization or location, you are giving yourself the freedom to reach your goals in the most dynamic and exciting way possible. All of the wonderful sights and sounds will be backed up by the substance of your content, creating the ultimate level of engagement and optimum results.


Immersive Retail Experiences
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