Beyond the Alumni Lists: Alumni Recognition Walls


Alumni Recognition Walls 

When institutions of higher learning launch capital campaigns, it makes sense for them to target their alumni as their primary source of support. There’s no doubt that individuals who have reaped the greatest benefit from having attended the institution would be most inclined to lend their support to the campaign. And if we want to honor somebody, there is no better way than through an engaging, multimedia, interactive experience.

It’s important, however, to never lose sight of the fact that the reach and benefit of your institution go far beyond its past graduates. Universities and colleges are pillars within their communities. Making a connection with influential local community members who may not have attended your institution can represent a significant source of funding for your campaign. Your video donor wall, located in a high-traffic area, can be a very effective tool in fostering those local connections.

Tell Local Success Stories

Universities, Colleges, and Schools often honor the most successful alumni who, after years of education at their facilities, reached key positions somewhere in the world. Thanks to the engaging interactive nature, of video walls you can do much more than merely recognize your top-tier alumni and supporters. You can tell a fulsome story about your organization, your history, mission, vision and needs. In a few words – when interested in expressing alumni appreciation, no better way than building your own alumni display, alumni and donor recognition wall, or any kind of digital interactive experience.

Chances are, you don’t have to look very far to find inspiring local success stories amongst your graduates who have become exemplary and respected members of the community. To be sure, helping to shape successful and admired members of local society who contribute to the overall welfare of their town is a part that institutions of higher learning play that cannot be overstated. When you tell those stories, you are highlighting one of the many indispensable roles that you provide.

Tell Your Story In Context of the Larger Community’s Story

Your video donor wall provides an excellent opportunity to tell your institution’fundraisings story in an interesting and informative way. You can retrace your facility’s entire history from the time it was founded through phases of expansion, highlighting all of the significant milestones along the way. It’s also an opportunity to include vital statistics, such as the number of students who passed through your doors over the years.

While telling your story is very important, there’s also great benefit to be had by highlighting the ways in which your institution has been integral to the larger community. You can do this by also touching upon significant events and milestones in your town’s history as you detail your own.


Connect Past Successes to Your Vision of the Future

Having adequately made your case about the vital part your institution plays within the larger community, you can now make your case for support in a subtle yet effective manner. Your video donor wall can show interested passersby your vision of how your storied past will extend into the future and the impact that it will have on the surrounding area and its citizens.

Here is the opportunity to provide details of the objectives of your capital campaign. And, since your video donor wall is located in a very visible area, countless local and influential people that extend far beyond your faculty and students can see the message.


Beyond the Alumni Lists: Alumni Recognition Walls