Creating Best Donor Walls – Do and Don’ts

Creating Best Donor Walls – Do and Don’ts

Best Donor Walls – Dos and Don’ts

Non-profits must always remember that their future is heavily dependent on its donors and in the organization’s ability to launch successful capital campaigns. As well your organization shall consider ways to thank your donors and inspire new potential donors.

Hospital and University Donor Walls
If your organization is presently planning to install a donor recognition wall to thank your supporters, you might want to keep in mind the following tips from experts on how to create a best donor wall:

THE MAIN EXHIBIT: Today’s Donor Recognition Wall
ls should not be limited to plaques showing the list of donors. Best Donor Walls should be conceived as the organization’s main exhibit aimed to engage visitors while displaying content that thank donors, inspire people, tell your organization’s story, vision and mission and, show your achievements.

LOCATION-LOCATION: Donor Walls shall be positioned in strategic locations to get maximum visitor’s attention.

SIZE COUNTS: Donor Walls should be designed to be eye catching, to get people’s attention and to engage people in a memorable user experience.

PLAN AHEAD: Take your time and plan ahead your next Donor Recognition Wall. List your specific requirements, establish a budget and set a realistic time-schedule. Donor Wall cannot be a last-minute decision and is critical that is well designed to achieve its goals.
GET CONSENSUS: Discuss options with anyone that could be associated with the project in the future. Talk with your managers, share ideas with your board members. Involve them as early in the process as possible.

ALWAYS UPDATE: Most content in best Donor Walls changes frequently with new donors joining from time to time. For that and other reasons, ensure your Donor Wall has tools that will allow your staff to maintain the content up to date.

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