Creating Best Donor Walls – Do and Don’ts

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Creating Best Donor Walls – Do and Don’ts

Best Donor Walls – Dos and Don’ts Non-profits must always remember that their future is heavily dependent on its donors and in the organization’s ability to launch successful capital campaigns. As well your organization shall consider ways to thank your donors and inspire new potential donors. If your organization is presently planning to install a donor recognition wall to thank… Read more →


Making Your Donor Wall Work For You

Making Your Donor Recognition Wall Work For You If your non-profit is like most, your donors and volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization. Their extraordinary contributions of time, funds and resources are what allow you to fulfill your mission. For that reason, they deserve to be recognized in ways that are equally extraordinary. We’re all familiar with traditional donor… Read more →

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Why an Hospital Donor Recognition Wall

Does your Hospital Need an Interactive Hospital Donor Recognition Wall? There is no question that health care has improved at an almost mind-boggling degree over the last few decades; in the last ten years alone, the human genome has been mapped in its entirety, technology has made research files much more rapidly accessible to doctors and clinicians, and made hospitals… Read more →

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Tips To Ensure a Successful Digital Donor Recognition Display

Installing a Successful Digital Donor Recognition Display requires careful planning, not just to ensure that the project meets all your budgetary and timeline objectives, but also be certain that it remains a relevant and engaging destination at your organization for years to come. This post deals with Tips To Ensure a Successful Donor Recognition Display! Using the following important points… Read more →

Benefits of Installing Interactive Donor Walls

Benefits of Installing Interactive Donor Walls

This blog will list the Benefits of Interactive Donor Walls in your Nonprofit organization. Any organization that depends on donations from the public for funding genuinely owes its success and possibly even its very existence to donors. It is in part because of a donor’s generous decision to give that charities, museums, universities and non-profits are able to continue day-to-day operations,… Read more →

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8 Tips for Creating an Effective Donor Recognition Wall

Here are a few tips for creating an Effective Donor Recognition Wall: Frequently we find ourselves disappointed with a product or service we’ve received because we either didn’t ask for precisely what we wanted, or we weren’t quite sure what to ask for an effective Donor Recognition Wall RFP. If the item at issue is a $50 recognition plaque, it’s frustrating but… Read more →

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Interactive Technologies in Hospitals

Hospital Interactive technologies are now here to stay. Today’s consumers of healthcare are well informed and expect advanced choices. They want their experience to be welcoming, efficient and to provide customized care with the highest levels of service. And here is where Touch and Gesture Interactive Technologies in Hospitals are of great help Through strategic partners around the globe, Lusens… Read more →