Do Interactive Bar Top Tables Boost Sales?

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People ask if Interactive Bar Top Tables Boost Sales.
One thing that all restaurants, bars, night clubs, pubs and lounges have in common is that somewhere in the establishment there is at least one bar top. It may be short, it may be long, there may be several, but if alcohol is served then bar tops are part of the equation.

The typical bar top is just a place to rest your elbows and for the bartender to set your drinks, but an interactive bar top takes it to a completely different level. An interactive bar top can transform a standard bar into something surreal. It can also help you increase traffic and boost your sales.

Engaging Your Patrons

Picture this, you go to a restaurant or bar to enjoy a drink, and you can place your order by moving images around with your fingertips. You see a stranger across from you and slide over an interactive note to say hello. Water is flowing by you on the bar top and you’re able to create the illusion of ripples with your hands.

Interactive bar tops enable patrons to enjoy a wide range of engaging experiences that improve the overall social experience. If fascinating visual effects aren’t appropriate for your clientele, you may want a bar top programmed with trivia, up to the minute sports scores or fun games that groups of people can play. You can even program them to detect a specific drink and display information about it to the person who just ordered it.

The point is to engage patrons, so they want to stay longer and will talk about your business once they’re gone. And with social media the way it is today, you may not even have to wait until they are gone. New customers will be streaming through the doors already expecting something incredible, then the bar top will meet those expectations.

Once an interactive bar top is installed you are in control of the content. You can make it change at certain intervals or remain the same. You can even set it up so patrons can arrange for a taxi if they aren’t comfortable driving. The tables will react to fingers, glasses or bottles and sometimes even hand gestures.

Making Memories

The strong engagement factor of this interactive experience also makes it a memorable experience. Customer retention is always an issue for bars, clubs and restaurants, but the when you up the engage factor and create an experience they will remember, the likelihood of them coming back increases.

Brand Placement

Interactive bar tops are also a great vehicle for brand placement and exposure. Bar managers or event promoters can incorporate brand messages into games and contests played on the bar top, or offer “virtual coupons” tied to social media to increase online exposure.

Strategic Partnerships

You can also form partnerships with local or complementary businesses, allowing them to promote their brands through the bar top experiences. There are numerous possibilities for increasing sales with an interactive bar top, so if you’d like more information on the technology, specs or prices, contact us today.

Do Interactive Bar Top Tables Boost Sales?
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