Games Development is now Easier

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Games Development is Now Easier. !

Until most recently, the development of interactive games for personal computers, mobile phones, tablets or even for specialized game-consoles, required a great amount of work by a large multidisciplinary team including  creators, animators,  programmers, modellers, user interface designers, graphic designers and others.

Nowadays, using new technologies including 3d (depth) cameras, infrared markers and other simple techniques, this task can be done with a much smaller team and for significantly lower budgets and result in WOW kind of interactive experiences.

Using 3d and 2d cameras, non-visual infrared lights and sophisticated algorithms, companies with relatively small teams of game developers, designers and animators, body motion experts and programmers can create stunning real-time interactive games and experiences  very quickly and for a very low budget, using new tools and extended libraries of characters, backgrounds and body movements.

A single, high-quality 3d camera allows you to capture body motion with high-degree of accuracy, and without the needs of multiple cameras and markers. Use of this lower cost and simpler technology is the reason why now is easier and less costly than ever to create games, design and animate characters and complex sceneries and port the application to multiples platforms.

Nowadays, it is possible to design a 3d game, using 3d sensors and software applications such as Unity 3D, and deliver in a very short time a working system with avatars and other characters that move and react in a human fashion.

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Games Development is now Easier
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