Planning Successful Nonprofit Campaigns


Planning, developing and launching successful NonProfit Campaigns is in need of all the marketing and communications tools available in your arsenal. Your task is complex and non-trivial. You need to identify potential donors, reach them and convince them to donate to your organization and not to others which may be interested in their participation as well. All this and much more you need to use while coordinating your activities with your organization’s stakeholders and anyonCHARITIESe else with a vested interest in the nonprofit capital campaign success.

For years, nonprofit organizations have avoided using the term ‘marketing’ as this term implies the sales which are normally associated with profits and bottom line resulting from tangible products or services. Times have changed and now in order to conduct a solid and successful capital campaign for your
nonprofit organization you need to establish a sound marketing strategy, set goals and targets and look at it as a sales effort.

To plan a successful nonprofit campaign you must first be clear on exactly what it is that your nonprofit organization wish to achieve and specifically decide whether  you want to limit your campaign to increasing the average gift amount from existing donors, expanding your donor base, engaging more volunteers to your organization or perhaps public relations which, in this case is informing the public about the work your organization does. Each one of these objectives for your  capital campaign will require a  different marketing plan with its own set of specific objectives and since you may lack the resources to tackle all of them at once, it would probably be desirable to focus first on “low hanging fruits”.

In any case, it is imperative that you gain or producing deep understanding of your present donors, as well as other persons and corporations that value philanthropy and may not be currently supporting your organization which could be key to your capital campaign’s success.

It is commonly accepted that most donors, particularly corporate donors, will find recognition of their donation to be important for their decision process. For that reason considers installing a donor display or donor wall at your facilities. Founding their names or their organizations names in a donor wall, specially if it is perceived by most visitors to your venue, may motivate your existing donors to continue participating in your capital campaigns while enticing new donors to support your non profit organization.



In the past, nonprofit organization installed static donor walls which, in most cases, are not eye catching or inviting so very few people stop to adopt a close look at the names displayed. As well, as your organization grows and develops, you need to constantly add new plaques, which often mean, increase the size of the display making this process costly and painful.

Nowadays, with the availability of digital technologies at more affordable cost, nonprofits have an alternative to these static donor engraved plaques and display and it is a full digital donor display capable of displaying multimedia content such as bright and colorful images and video clips that can tell your organization’s stories and needs in a way that is significantly more eye catching, captivating, engaging and effective than static displays.  And by installing a digital donor display you also benefit from the ability to keep the display’s content updated with a few keyboard strokes and within seconds using a built-in content management tool.

Since most nonprofit organizations such as hospitals, museums and universities are associated with a physical site where large numbers of people visit to use their services, you should consider installing the fact that the greatest source of new donors are usually those who use use your organization’s services and visit your site. Just ensure that your large multimedia donor wall on those high-traffic venues are engaging and eye-catching by way of making them interactive. Make sure this cost effective and powerful donor will present a multimedia presentation about your organization’s mission, vision, needs, plans and success stories along with the list of donors that helped with their invaluable contribution.

Planning Successful Nonprofit Campaigns