5 Places Where to Install Wayfinders

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5 Places Where to Install Wayfinders For Maximum Engagement

Install Wayfinders to guide and inform people while branding and advertising your products and services.

As the name suggests, an interactive wayfinder is a device that is designed to help people find their way. An interactive wayfinder utilizes digital touch screen technology to create a user experience that is engaging and fun. These units are generally in the form of kiosks of varying sizes that react to touch or even gestures.

The combination of vibrant colours, 3D images and custom design will enhance the visitor experience, and inevitably save time and money. Here are 5 places interactive wayfinders really make a splash.

1) Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are an ideal place to install an interactive wayfinder kiosk. For most malls, installing wayfinders at the main entrances, a couple of high traffic intersections, food courts and possibly the parking garage makes the most sense. Any part of the mall that currently has a static floor plan or store finder map could use an interactive wayfinder.

In a mall, a wayfinder helps shoppers find their destination with 3D graphics and images that respond to touch and gestures, but it goes deeper than that. A shopper can actually enter a brand name product and then all of the stores in the mall which carry that specific product are shown, along with directions to each store. Wayfinders also offer prime marketing space for retailers.

2) Hotels

In a hotel, interactive wayfinders may be used a few different ways. First, they can be placed close to elevators and at concierge or information desks to help guests find their rooms, nearby restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

If the hotel has a convention room, wayfinders can help convention attendees find the right room, a specific booth, bathroom facilities or see the schedule for certain demonstrations. The technology also updates the system regularly with fresh content, so everything the users see is up-to-the-second.

3) Hospitals
If you have a friend or loved one in hospital, an interactive wayfinding system at the main entrances, elevators or information desks will help you find their room quickly and easily. The system is linked to the patient database, so all you have to do is enter the patient’s name and you’ll get a printed map to his or her room.

4) Airports
At the airport, wayfinding technology makes an often stressful situation a lot easier to handle. Once travelers get to a kiosk, they can enter their flight number or the destination, then learn the gate number, complete with directions. It’s also useful for friends or family members picking someone up at the airport, if they aren’t sure where to go.

5) Office Buildings

Office buildings are notorious for being difficult to navigate, even with those large static directories place in the main lobby or in front of the elevators. With an interactive wayfinder, the task is much easier because you can enter the name of the business and it will show you where to go. It also adds a touch of class to the building that may not have been there before.

Interactive wayfinders are engaging and entertaining and they are changing the way many businesses and facilities help their visitors get around. If you’d like more information on the technology, the different options or prices, contact us today.

5 Places Where to Install Wayfinders
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