Fly an Airplane With Body Motion Technology

flying airplanes with body motion

Body motion technology now is accessible using home computers and a regular 3d camera such as Microsoft Kinect, Primese or others.
Lusens Labs designed Studio-Pro, a software suite that is used to create, design and model avatars, design scenery and control avatar movements, facial expressions and even their lips.

The video shows a person moving his hands and body in front of a 3d depth camera while “piloting” a virtual airplane on a simulated scenery. The simulation includes physics, so by controlling the wings, the “pilot” can fly the airplane controlling its yaw, pitch and roll as it moves in a 3d simulated world.

Airplane With Body Motion Technology

The system implemented on this video consisted on a regular PC running Window 7/8 and Lusens Studio PRO and a Kinect camera. Other similar applications of this technology can be found at this page.

Fly an Airplane With Body Motion Technology