Creating and Animating Avatars

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Creating and Animating Avatars is not something new.
The need to create, design and animate avatars is not something new. The problem was that, until recently, to conduct this task was necessary to use very expensive technology and a great amount of time. Add to that complexity the necessity to capture body motion and use that data to control avatar’s movements and you get an almost impossible undertaking unless you had lots of money and work in Hollywood.

Thanks to recent technology advances in the area of 3d, depth cameras, developments in the area of augmented reality, marker-less body tracking technology, and interactive and immersive technologies and platforms including Lusens StudioPRO, is now possible to design, model and animate avatars and control lips movements and facial expressions in a very realistic manner, at a fraction of the cost of what used to be.
Lusens Labs’ StudioPRO includes algorithms, tools and libraries that allows designing and animating characters utilizing a standard MS-Kinect.  With Lusens Studio we designed avatars that dance

You can learn about applications of this technology at this site.

Creating and Animating Avatars
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