Creating Memorable User Experiences

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Creating Memorable User Experiences

How to Create Memorable User Experiences is an issue often asked? Lets start with some definitions. An interactive digital system is a system which reacts to user’s input, body movement, touch, gesture or other action. Virtual Reality is when a person is exposed to a combination of sound and images that are computer generated which bring him to places and situations… Read more →

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5 Tips to Design Effective Interactive Experiences

Technology allows us now to convert existing surfaces such as floors and walls into multimedia displays that reacts to people’s movements and touch, or what is known as Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall displays. To create engaging Interactive Floor and Wall Experiences we need a projector, which projects a large high-definition image on the floor, window or wall surface, a computer,… Read more →

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Engaging User Experiences

Engaging User Experiences captivate, entertain and inform audiences. Research suggests that interactive mediums are significantly more effective and memorable than non-interactive alternatives. At Lusens we design engaging user experiences that blend with customer’s site environment, combining an enveloping sculptural with a powerful multimedia experience that engages and inspires the audience and leaves a lasting impression.   To create WOW Interactive and engaging user experiences a… Read more →