NonProfit Fundraising

What is nonprofit fund raising? Why is fund being raised? How will this fund help and who will it help? These are some important questions that fund raising at non-profit organizations often come across. This article shall answer some such basic questions regarding nonprofit fundraising activities. Fund raising is basically a voluntary contribution, mostly monetary,[…]

Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising Campaigns Part One – The Facts and Figures You wouldn’t speak to a 22-year-old the same way you might to a 78-year-old, because you understand that different generations have different values, different cultural and social references, and vastly different life experiences. It may seem like an obvious statement, but it’s worth keeping this in[…]

Consider this Before You Start Your Charity Organizations Campaign

Charity Organizations must consider installing a Donor Recognition Wall at their facilities. For years, many charitable organizations avoided the term ‘marketing’. There was a prevalent feeling that it was at best, something for the corporate sector or at worst, somehow dirty or manipulative. Times have changed and now a solid marketing strategy is critical to achieve[…]

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