Are Digital Donor Displays Better

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Are Digital Donor Displays better than Static Displays?

There is no doubt that charities and non-profit organizations depend heavily on the generosity of donors and that without them it would become very difficult if not impossible to operate.

Why We Need Donors
Until some years ago, non-profits could rely confidently on assistance from government and corporation. However, lately, larger corporations have established their own foundations for tax and philanthropic purposes and governments are having challenges generating money for their own needs, let alone providing generous financial gifts to local non-profits. As a result, non-profits have been obliged to become much more entrepreneurial in their thinking and have had to develop and implement sophisticated marketing plans to communicate their vision, thank their donors, inspire new donors and showcase the impact donor’s contributions have had in your organization.

But, unfortunately, this is difficult to explain and express through static a donor display with wood or metal plaques which is why digital donor displays and walls are becoming an essential part of non-profit’s tools.

Static Donor Displays
Static donor walls have been around for a long, long time. You can find them in most hospitals, museums and educational institutions. But unfortunately, they are not eye-catching and inviting so very few people stop to take a close look at the names displayed. And they pose a problem. As your organization develops, you need to constantly add new plaques, which often mean, increase the size of the display making this process costly and painful.

Digital Donor Displays
But nowadays, with the cost of digital technologies becoming more affordable, nonprofits have an alternative to a Static Donor Display and are Digital Donor Displays capable of displaying bright and colorful images and video clips that can tell your organization’s stories and needs in a way that is more eye-catching, captivating, engaging and effective.

And by installing a digital donor display instead of a static one you benefit automatically of the ability to keep the display’s content updated with a few keyboard strokes and within seconds.

And, needless to say, digital donor displays create a degree of excitement, which cannot be achieved from static ones since, instead of presenting just donor’s names on dark wood or metal plaques, you display them along with their pictures, bios, videos showing them explaining in their own words why they donated, and images of the building, equipment or whatever their contribution meant to your organization.

Interactive Donor Display
And if you install a digital donor display consider the advantages of designing a touch Interactive Donor Display where your visitors and your staff can be engaged into an unforgettable user experience while exploring the content, searching for particular donors, inquiring about their specific contributions, learning about the history and time-line of your organization, listening to video testimonials from people who benefit from donor’s contribution, or watching donors telling their personal story and what brought them to support your organization.

Size Does Count
And if you plan to install a digital donor display, try to do so on a wall where people’s traffic is very significant, and also try to allocate a wall which is as large as possible, since the impact of a single small wall mounted LCD will not be even close o the impact a large, multi-LCD video wall will have.

Are Digital Donor Displays Better
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