How to Show Donor Appreciation and keep them Engaged

Appreciation Walls are the best way to thank and celebrate team members and donors who have contributed to the success of your organization. Multimedia, walls of appreciation, or custom-made appreciation displays and the best way to honor those who helped you build and maintain your organization while inspiring others to follow their steps.

Whie it is imperative for organizations to tell tgheir stories, mission, vision and needs, is also imperative to thank and show appreciation to those whose contribution was most significant.

Here are some of the ways to express thanks and appreciation to those whose contribution was key to the organization’s success.

Firstly, is by installing at your facilities a appreciation wall or display aimed to recognize their contribution.

Appreciation Wall

A wall of appreciation recognizes the efforts of your team member or donor. They gave their valuable time and money to help your cause. It is your turn to make sure that their  recognition is your primary task.  At Humber college in Toronto, Canada, Lusens designed and developed an Interactive recognition wall for their donors and alumni. Here are some tips to follow up on Donor Wall.

Make it personal

A personal touch makes all the difference to your approach to creating a donor appreciation wall and how it is perceived. When working with donors, your etiquette, knowledge of the cause and follow up will matter the most to donors. You have to become the Wikipedia of your cause and Mother Teresa for your donors in terms of showing them your gratitude and how their contribution makes the difference in the lives of thousands of needy people. 

The donor will not only feel appreciated, but they will also bring along their friends and colleagues to you for contributions. Retaining an existing donor is much easier than getting new donors for your cause.

Birthday cars, marriage anniversary cards and flowers, and mission accomplishment gifts are also some of the things you can do to make it more personal.

Send them personalized emails with pictures or videos showing your needs

Visual medium has an effect which is not found in plain words.

A picture is worth 1000 words. Images appeal to your donors.

Email messages which have text and images can do wonders to your capital campaign targets. Email them regularly.

At times, consider sending a handwritten letter

A personal touch is irreplaceable.

It shows that you care and are above the rest.

It helps in creating a soft corner for your nonprofit foundation.

I never said it would be easy, but if you can manage to do this regularly, then you will have donors for life.

If an handwritten letter is burdensome then you should try an Email Sequence to donors

Keep communications open .

Set-up an automated email processes to send every 30 days or 60 days a newsletter 

You may change it according to your preference.

The donor will receive an email which contains educational and value-based content.

Engage them and meet their expectations.

Show donors the impact created by their generous donation. 

You must have heard this quote.

“Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk”

It would be best if you did the same with your nonprofit organization.

It would help if you showcased the impact you have created. The lives you have saved. The experiences you have improved. The rights you have protected.

A simple page on your website which shows your achievements and efforts will do the job.

Send your donors regular updates.

Out of sight, out of mind. This phrase at a donor appreciation wall is a testament to living in this modern world.

You have to be proactive and do things that others aren’t willing to do.

Send them regular updates about your projects, fundraising drives and don’t forget to send them value based content where you create awareness about your cause and engage with your donors.

Tell them why you are working for a Non-Profit Organization

Show them your human side.

Tell them why you are working for a non-profit or why you have started a non-profit.

If the donors don’t know about you, then you also become a paper pushing corporation with no human face.

Multimedia, namely a combination of  Videos and Images are the Best Media

Through Videos and Images, tell your organization’s story, your mission and vision

Get their attention.

Consider an Immersive multimedia donor wall to thank and honor donors

Tell them what you are thinking, what is happening in the world and what are you planning to make it better in your way.

How to Show Donor Appreciation and keep them Engaged
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