Donors Recognition Wall at Humber College


Lusens designed and installed a donors recognition wall at Humber College. Interactive donor walls are the perfect way to thank donors and inspire new ones. You can find a Lusens Donor Wall in many hospitals, universities, schools, museums and other non-profit organizations including this at Humber College.

A Donors Recognition Wall is unique as it get people’s attention while telling organization’s story, mission and vision in a way that no static display can. Lusens team is at the forefront of the user experience industry, leading the way with mesmerizing experiences that take people’s mind to places its never been before. We know how to engage, entertain and inform. We know how to augment reality. We know how to create virtual worlds. We know how to engage, inspire, inform, entertain and make experiences, unforgettable. We design and create digital walls of all sizes. Our multi-screen walls and specially our interactive donor recognition displays, wow and mesmerize visitors.

For Humber College in Toronto, Canada, Lusens designed an interactive donors recognition wall that honour their donors and alumni. As part of this project Lusens installed a spectacular interactive digital donor wall consisting of 5, 55″ ultra narrow bezel touch displays, protected by hardness glass in a wall, custom designed by our partner Entro.

Video walls are a great way to get people’s attention. Donor recognition displays are a proven way to improve capital campaigns. All donors recognition walls includes a powerful content management system which allows our customers, in this case, Humber college personnel, update the content via a simple to use, and very intuitive, CMS.

Donors Recognition Wall at Humber College

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