Engage your Audience with a Branded Experience


Engaging Your Audience With Your Branded Experience

When we work with clients to create immersive and interactive exhibits, we pay close attention to the brand experience they want to create. In fact, you might say it’s what we’re all about. So, in today’s blog, I thought I’d spend a bit of time having a closer look at the brand experience and how it can enhance any event or consumer interaction.

We’ve all been to events where sponsor logos are splashed all over the place as a form of recognition. It’s very nice, but one has to wonder how effective it is at influencing any of the people in attendance? You might think it’s very nice that Company ABC sponsored the event, but are you more likely to purchase their product? Will you have learned anything about them and will you feel as though you have entered into a relationship with them? I think not.

On the other hand, when guests have an opportunity to play with the brand, it creates an altogether different dynamic. Moreover, a sense of play is exactly what an interactive and immersive environment can evoke. That’s the beauty of experiential marketing, when it’s done right: people don’t feel like they are marketed to, they feel like they have been invited to experience something fun, entertaining and engaging. All the while, they are experiencing the full breadth of the brand.

Therefore, the trick to creating an immersive experience for any brand is replicating an accurate reflection of the totality of the brand experience as well as the brand’s tonality. What I mean by reflecting the totality of the brand experience is that the immersive display must be consistent and completely aligned with the interactions a consumer may have with the brand elsewhere.

The tonality of the brand experience is more about the spirit or values that the brand represents. We frequently work with clients who question if an immersive display will be suitable for their brand if theirs is not playful in tone. It’s important to remember that if you can engage people by interacting with a display and provide them with information they will find interesting, they will find it fun and interesting. It needn’t feel like a game, it only needs to engage the senses and capture their attention and their interest.

What it all comes down to is creating a bond between your brand and the individual interacting with it. That connection can be built by engaging their playful side, by appealing to their inquisitive nature or by touching them on a deeper emotional level. No matter which approach best suits your brand, there’s no better way to do it than by fully surrounding your audience through sights, sounds and touch.

Engage your Audience with a Branded Experience
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