What Is an Immersive Multimedia Experience

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What Is an Immersive Multimedia Experience?

If you like to stay up to date with the fast-paced worlds of multimedia, touch technology and experiences that lean toward being more interactive, you may have seen the term “immersive media experience.

This term is often used as more of a buzzword to describe any interactive display or device, but a real immersive experience is something altogether different. A real immersive experience will grab hold of your senses and take you somewhere you’ve never been before.

What It Really Means
The word “immersion” as it pertains to multimedia can be described something like this: “a state of consciousness where the user’s awareness of his physical self is diminished because he is surrounded by an all-encompassing environment.”

Basically, your senses are temporarily taken over by the sights, sounds and interactivity of the experience and you are completely engrossed. With an immersive exhibit, wall or display, this means colors and moving images and sounds that seem out of this world, yet blend seamlessly into the environment you’re in.

The Height of Engagement
An immersive media experience is the ultimate form of engagement. The fact that they are custom designed to meet certain specifications means the engagement factor is increased even more.

The engagement factor comes when technology and art come together to give the appearance that the user is part of the experience. Scenery or characters that respond to touch, movements and even facial expressions. Custom-designed avatars that move when you move and speak when you speak.

Real-World Examples
Immersive media experiences include things like:
• Floor-to-ceiling wall displays that react to your touch and movement.
• Interactive bar tops or table tops.
• Lighting and staging experiences that give another dimensions to shows and events.
• Larger than life exhibits that completely surround your body and senses with interactive, immersive features.
• Games that are driven by body movement and gestures, pulling you into the story so you’re not sure which world is real.

Incredible Benefits
The technology virtually guarantees that the possibilities for unique immersive experiences are endless. And the benefits taken from these kinds of experiences are equally impressive. No matter what your goal is or how you use the experience, the engagement factor takes it to a new level.

When your visitors, customers, clients, donors and users are completely immersed in the experience, they want to come back and they want to tell others about it. Immersive experiences are memorable in a way no other marketing activity can match.
If you’d like to learn more about Lusens immersive experiences, including details about the technology, possibilities or pricing, contact us today and we’ll give you all the information you need.

What Is an Immersive Multimedia Experience
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