Immersive Retail Experiences

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Immersive Retail Experiences

Immersive Retail Experiences: Merging the Best of Image-Based and Results-Oriented Marketing The art of storytelling requires creating an entire world in the minds of the listeners. Letting the audience visualize images with your words is exactly what you want to do if you want your message to be remembered. As a brand, the story that you tell about your brand will decide… Read more →

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What Is an Immersive Multimedia Experience

What Is an Immersive Multimedia Experience? If you like to stay up to date with the fast-paced worlds of multimedia, touch technology and experiences that lean toward being more interactive, you may have seen the term “immersive media experience.” This term is often used as more of a buzzword to describe any interactive display or device, but a real immersive… Read more →

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Games Development is now Easier

Games Development is Now Easier. ! Until most recently, the development of interactive games for personal computers, mobile phones, tablets or even for specialized game-consoles, required a great amount of work by a large multidisciplinary team including  creators, animators,  programmers, modellers, user interface designers, graphic designers and others. Nowadays, using new technologies including 3d (depth) cameras, infrared markers and other… Read more →