Interactive Technology for Event Planners


Good Reasons Why Event Planners Use Interactive Technologies 

Event planners main goal is to organize events that entertain and engage the audience and in ensuring they have a great time.

Let’s talk for a second about something very common in most events which is serving drinks. Typically you deliver drinks in a regular bar top, namely a place where people can rest their elbows and the bartender can set drinks. Event planners are now aware of technologies that are highly engaging and entertaining, which can enrich the event. Now imagine this table coming to life and displaying spectacular images and effects in its surface, while reacting to touch and gestures using your hands, your glass, a bottle, etc This interactive bar top table no doubt will take people to a completely different level as it will immerse them into an engaging and captivating audiovisual experience that is difficult to forget.

Engage, Entertain and Inform.

Now imagine events on venues where huge images that which react to people’s movements, are displayed on its walls or floors, or events where free standing kiosks allow users to be photographed and to upload and share their pictures with their social network, all this controlled by touch and gestures.

Needless to say, these and other type of interactive systems of events makes a great difference as they deliver immersion, seamless, and irresistible interactive experiences that are highly memorable and captivating. Through touch, body motion and gestures users interact with systems that respond with a WOW multi-sensorial experience that transforms the event into an immersive and interactive experience that engages, entertains, amazes people and is unforgettable.

Bringing People Together

Interactive Tables, Kiosks, Walls and Floors permit people engage with photos, videos, games, and other multimedia content that is relevant to corporate or even personal events.

Seamless Technology

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Lusens creative team custom designs interactive experiences for events according to customer’s vision and specifications. Even planners are fully aware of the power interactive systems have in order to engage people.

Interactive Technology for Event Planners
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