Interactive Technologies in Hospitals

Donor wall

Hospital Interactive technologies are now here to stay. Today’s consumers of healthcare are well informed and expect advanced choices. They want their experience to be welcoming, efficient and to provide customized care with the highest levels of service. And here is where Touch and Gesture Interactive Technologies in Hospitals are of great help

Through strategic partners around the globe, Lusens offers the healthcare industry, true engaging & healing hospital interactive technologies and solutions for the patients as well as the healthcare providers.

Lusens multidisciplinary team consisting of engineers, programmers, user interface and computer vision experts, and others, specialize in the designs and delivery of Touch, Gesture and Body Motion Interactive Experiences for various industries including the healthcare industry and hospitals in particular. Now is the time to implement state of the art Interactive Technologies in Hospitals.

Among its numerous solutions, Lusens offers hospitals hospital donors recognition walls and displays, Hospitals Way-Finders, multitouch tables and walls for medical use, interactive floor and interactive wall systems for use in rehabilitation programs, waiting rooms and Childs playgrounds, touch-less/gesture control of devices for operating rooms, Kinect based physical therapy assistant. and more.

Today’s consumers of healthcare are well informed and expect advanced choices. They demand an experience that is welcoming, efficient and provides customized care with the highest levels of service. At Lusens we create true engaging & healing environments and are constantly developing new technologies to improve the lives of patients, assist healthcare workers, and enhance the experience of all people who come in contact with the healthcare environments and products we design.

You can learn about other immersive technologies for hospitals at this site.

Interactive Technologies in Hospitals
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