NonProfit Capital Campaigns with Interactive Multimedia Experiences

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Developing and implementing a NonProfit Capital Campaigns is a major undertaking, involving significant marketing and communications to ensure you reach prospective donors, involved stakeholders and all others with a vested interest in your success. However, a challenge faced by many Capital Campaign directors is how to effectively promote the campaign and recognize supporters before the new facility is constructed and open to the public.

A very cost effective and powerful vehicle to meet this challenge is to create a kiosk-based Interactive Multimedia Donor Recognition Experience that can be launched on the very first day the Capital Campaign enters the public phase.

With a free standing kiosk, your organization can develop a comprehensive Interactive Experience that showcases all elements of your Capital Campaign, including, but not limited to:
– Introduction of your Capital Campaign Cabinet, along with bios, photos and videos
– Testimonial videos by architects, alumni, medical staff, patients or others
– Donor recognition including photos, videos and profiles
– Campaign overview including architectural elevations, animated fundraising meters and more
– Areas of proposed investment in equipment, facilities and programs
– Concept designs of proposed donor recognition displays

Of special significance is that these free standing kiosks are portable. That means that they can be used as outreach marketing tools, taking your interactive experience to galas, golf tournaments, shopping centers and other locations to promote your Capital Campaign throughout the marketing and fundraising process.

Best of all, after the Capital Campaign is completed and your goal is reached, your free standing kiosk can be used to promote your next campaign or for a different donor recognition program or even for interactive way finding in your new facility’s lobby.

Finally, your interactive multimedia experience can be integrated onto your organization’s web site so that supporters and sponsors not living in your community can stay in touch with your Campaign and contribute to your success.

You can learn about Interactive Multimedia Experiences on this page.

NonProfit Capital Campaigns with Interactive Multimedia Experiences
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