Dance with Me – a Kinect Game and Social Experience


The use of Body Motion Sensing in Kinect Games

After years of research and development, Lusens Labs, Lusens Inc’s R&D arm, developed StudioPRO, a software suite that allows the development of body motion and Kinect games.

Using markers-free technology, we learned how to capture body motion vectores which we can then apply to avatars, so they can dance tango, play soccer and much more.
This one, Dance with me, teaches you dances and monitor your movements providing you a feedback as of “how are you doing”.

Using 3d cameras and sophisticated algorithms is now possible to create kinect games that are highly engaging. At Lusens we create immersive user experiences and technology that allows an average programmer design and build spectacular applications. Our avatar creating technology and avatar movement control tools are second to none!

Lusens is a technology company that was among the first to introduce interactive projection floors, interactive donor recognition displays, and holographic experiences to venues around the world.

Dance with Me – a Kinect Game and Social Experience
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