Monetize your Store Window with a Touch Interactive Window Experience


You can now monetize-your-store-window  with a Touch Interactive Window Experience.

Interactive windows are rapidly becoming the next in-thing after traditional store windows. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology is now possible to create an impressive user-engagement experience that will allow stores to, practically, work 24/7. 

The ability to project multimedia content including images, video and textual information and let people browse, select and even purchase items while standing across the store window is something new.

In this video you can see a project for a recognized multinational company with stores around the world. In this case Lusens designed and built a touch interactive window experience that leveraged customer’s large windows in several shopping malls across Europe. The experience delivered, reacts to movements,touch and gestures. It was built using a powerful projector that illuminated the store window which was previously covered with a high quality rear-projection film. To sense touch and gesture we used special cameras an infrared technology. The custom software implemented  was designed by Lusens multi-disciplinary team.

In summary: Monetizing a store window is now possible with an simple to install, intuitive and simple to program touch interactive window experience that works 24/7 for you.

You can learn about Interactive Windows as well as other Interactive Experiences on this page.

Monetize your Store Window with a Touch Interactive Window Experience
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