Market Intelligence is Here!


Market Intelligence is Here! As digital advertising continues to proliferate, business owners are under an increasing pressure to offer their customers a differentiated solution that can guarantee a return on investment (ROI). Lusens Market Intelligence is the answer!

Touch. motion and gesture interactive technologies allows transforming a regular floor, window, table, kiosk or wall into interactive digital media platforms that get people’s attention and creates an unforgettable user experience that is engaging and entertaining.

Today, using Lusens proprietary market intelligence technology, store owners and operators can learn critical information such as the number of people who view an ad (observers), engaged, ignored the ad (passer by) and more more, yielding quantifiable marketing data and metrics that are useful to evaluate and optimize advertising campaigns and specifically to determine the Return on Investment.

Market Intelligence algorithms create reports based on the type and count of specific gestures, touch and body movements by its audience when the system displays certain advertising content.  By evaluating people’s reaction, the system may decide which ad is better received, more effective and accordingly make changes.

You can learn more about Interactive Experiences and technology, visit this site.

Market Intelligence is Here!
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