4 Reasons Why You May Need a Way finder

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4 Reasons Why You May Need a Way-Finder. Frequently, potential customers ask ‘what’s the advantage of an interactive Way Finder over a regular, static digital directory or pathfinder?

The answer is simple: A touch or gesture-driven Interactive Way Finder is:
(1) More engaging,
(2) Attracts people’s attention,
(3) Is easier to update and
(4) Can be used for other purposes.

Way-Finders are interactive displays designed to assist customers or visitors with finding directions to their destinations as quickly and easily as possible. In addition, Way-Finders can be used for promotions, advertising, coupons delivery, emergency instructions and much more.
Lusens Way-Finders do all that, but so much more.
Through a most intuitive User Interface, customers can search for stores or facilities and get information about them, be informed of what is the best route to take with an animated path showing the way, and in some cases provide additional optional services.

Typically used in Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Universities, City Centres and Airports, Lusens Way-Finders provide customers and visitors with an immersive experience that’s memorable and positive – and one which they’ll share with family, friends and other potential visitors.

Lusens Way-Finders can display mapping and routes using a variety of methods including the traditional 2D map, a 3D walk-through, turn by turn directions, and more, highlighted by your facilities branding and enhanced with the ability to feature special alerts and emergency evacuation routes.
Turn an ordinary map into an interactive, engaging experience.

To learn more about Interactive Wayfinders and other experiences visit this site.


4 Reasons Why You May Need a Way finder
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