Building a Marketing Plan for your Charity


Building a Marketing Plan For Your Charity is essential

The most important part of any successful marketing plan comes in the preparation and

research that precedes it. What prep work will help you identify who it is you are trying to

reach through your marketing strategies and it will provide some insights on how to reach

them. For more about the preliminary work that should come first, have a look at our blog

entitled before You Start Your Charity’s Next Marketing Plan, Consider This.

Why Should They Choose To Support You?

There’s a marketing buzz phrase that gets thrown around frequently that may be new to

you: Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your USP is what differentiates your organization

from the others. It is a way of staking a claim on a particular segment of the marketplace for

which that proposition is important.

What claims or benefits can be your organization make that others cannot or are not? Knowing

what you now do about your ideal donor, will that claim resonate with them? Try to approach

your USP from the donor’s perspective. Your USP could relate to the number of lives their

gift will touch or the percentage of their gift that will go directly to your mission.
Create Your Messaging

Now that you have your USP, you need to figure out how to convey that claim to all your

potential donors. Your messaging is more than the claim statement “support us because we

help more people in your community than anyone else,” although that is part of it. It is also,

how you frame every point of contact you have with a potential donor, including your printed

materials, your website, your thank you letters and your press materials.


Which Media will You Use

If you know where your potential donors spend their time, you will have insight as to how

you can reach them. Charities that are associated with a physical space where large

numbers of people visit to use their services have a clear advantage, since the greatest

source of new donors are usually those who have used your services or who are close to

those who have. If that’s the case for you, make sure you take the best advantage of that

opportunity by engaging visitors while they are in your space. his can be achieved through

posters or brochures, but of course, we think the very best and most engaging method is an

immersive & interactive donor recognition wall.

Where else might you find a large concentration of your potential donors? While V, radio

and print media are possibilities, you may find those to be cost-prohibitive. Online avenues

may prove to be far more advantageous. Consider pay-per-click campaigns, improving your

website’s search engine optimization and expanding your reach through social media.
Manage Your Resources

By now, your marketing plan should have a sturdy wish list of things you want to do to better

market your charity. It’s now time to come up with your implementation plan. To do that, you

need to manage the resources at your disposal: money, staff and time. Create a budget for

your marketing plan, assign marketing tasks to your staff or volunteers and establish a

timeline for all of this to take place.
Track, Adjust & Measure Results

As you work through your marketing plan, make sure to track your progress to ensure you

are hitting the expected milestones and adjust your plan accordingly. When everything is

said and done, measure the results to see what worked well and what underperformed so

that you can be even better prepared for your next marketing plan.

Building a Marketing Plan for your Charity
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