Five Ways to Boost Major Donations to your Organization 

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Boost major donations – Get the capital investment by Major Donations you need for the future of your organization

Whether you are a hospital, university, college, museum or other non-profit organization, if you are leading a capital campaign you know that a substantial amount of your fundraising total comes from a small number of major donors. Donors giving major donations bring the largest gifts – gifts that enable new infrastructure to be built, game-changing innovation to be realized or an endowment for the future. Major donors are also likely to donate more than once – if you build lasting relationships with them and demonstrate a return on their investment.

If you are fundraising for a new initiative, or are looking for ways to strengthen relationships with your existing donors, we have five strategies to help you boost contributions from major donors to your organization.

1. Host events that appeal to major donors

Bringing together a group of major donors, or potential new donors, to learn more about your organization’s mission and vision is one of the best ways to build deeper relationships with your most important financial investors. An event provides you with a platform to introduce a new capital campaign and tell stories about the impact and difference your organization makes for those you serve. When an event is engaging and leaves donors impressed, they are more likely to support your cause. Go beyond the typical presentations done at galas or auctions. Keep your donors engaged and entertained through an interactive, immersive experience that leaves a memorable impression. Tell them your story. Tell them about your mission and vision. Tell them about your needs. And, there is no better way to do that than multimedia, since images worth a thousand words. Donor Walls, and other solutions including Interactive tables, walls, and floors are just some of the options that help you share your story while getting your donors involved in the action. 

2. Tell their story

Very few donors want to remain anonymous. Major donors are especially interested in telling their story and receiving public recognition for their contribution. Whether it’s to draw more awareness to the cause they are supporting, to inspire others to give or to link their own personal brand with a specific cause, major donors often expect their name or story to be publicly recognized by the organizations they give to. Recognizing donors can also bring more publicity to your organization. One of the best ways to tell your donors’ stories is to use an interactive multimedia donor wall to display their names, photos, bios and stories. Here are 10 tips for planning an interactive donor wall.

3. Offer them something unique in return

Major donors often have a long history of giving. Whether it’s a small or large contribution, they have likely experienced the same recognition and thank you strategies: a plaque, a sign, a card, a feature on a website or a spot in a campaign video. If you are raising capital contributions for a new hospital unit, campus building or exhibit space – an interactive donor recognition display is one of the best ways to go beyond a traditional sign or plaque. They are eye-catching, engaging and enable you to showcase up-to-date and new information. Donor walls are natural and integrated extensions of your building’s architecture. See how Humber College in Toronto, Canada used an interactive donor wall to honour their donors and alumni.

4. Report on outcomes

Major donations expect to see the impact of their contribution – and they deserve to. They want to be confident that they are donating to an organization that knows exactly how to achieve the greatest result with their contribution. Achieving results and seeing success stories is one of the top reasons donors give. Creating an immersive exhibit or using an interactive donor wall is the perfect platform to share stories, videos, photos or timelines that show the difference gifts from donors make. Use multimedia to go beyond facts and figures and connect with your donors on an emotional level. Share success stories and link these examples back to the way your donors have helped to achieve the mission and vision of your organization.

5. Say thank you

Thanking your donors major donations increases the likelihood that they will continue to give and increase the amount they are willing to donate. There is nothing more touching than sharing video messages and stories about the people that will benefit from your donor gifts. Stories from patients, students or the community are emotionally compelling ways to show your donors how much you and those you serve to appreciate them. Donor recognition walls or displays by Lusens are a great way to say thank you. Interactive displays both impress and honour your donors and can be used to surprise them when revealing a new space or infrastructure. Find out how we can help you impress and honour your donors.

Five Ways to Boost Major Donations to your Organization 

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