A Portable Unit that Delivers an Immersive Experience


If you are interested in creating a WOW immersive experience in a floor, wall, window, you should consider Lusens All-in-One Convertible Unit, that is programmable, portable, plug and play, and very easy to customize and operate system.

Lusens All-in-One system is a small, compact, portable, light, turnkey unit that can project an interactive and immersive experience larger than 130 inch diagonal, on any flat floor, or in a wall or store window.

Ideal for event planners and advertising companies, this fully programmable high-tech plug & play system has been designed to create eye-catching multi-sensorial effects (image and sound) and an immersive experience.

System includes a programmable playlist, effects editor, a system scheduler and analytical tools.

The All-in-One system is ideal for promotion, branding, advertising and entertainment.

With the system you get access to Lusens’ extensive gallery of special effects and custom games.




With Lusens all-in-one is possible to create, design and deliver immersive experiences in a matter of minutes.

A Portable Unit that Delivers an Immersive Experience

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