Increase your Bottom Line with Interactive Advertising


Interactive advertising represents a completely new paradigm as it communicates the advertiser’s message engaging the viewer and directing his attention in a manner that static ads simply cannot.
For this matter all LUSENS interactive platforms including our Interactive Walls, Interactive Floors, Interactive Tables, Interactive Bartop Tables are designed to act as high- impact, motion-activated digital signage platforms suitable to a wide range of venues such as retail, commercial, public and entertainment.

To keep the message new and relevant when used for interactive advertising, LUSEN’S software suite includes a intuitive and easy to use user interface program and the necessary tools to modify graphical effects, change content, create and modify play-lists, set schedules, capture, process and report market intelligence analysis and much more.

Research and case studies on interactive advertising proved that interactive media is 75% more effective and memorable than static advertising, increasing the probability of purchase significantly.

To learn more about how you can Increase your Bottom Line with Interactive Advertising visit this page.

Increase your Bottom Line with Interactive Advertising
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