Best Interactive Retail Experiences


Engage Shoppers with Interactive Retail Experiences


Market studies show that engaging shoppers in interactive retail experiences produces a better results, drives traffic to stores and increase sales.

Recent advances in technology allows retailers install systems that reacts to touch, gestures, facial expression and body motion delivering a positive retail experience.

Having a large, floor to ceiling, interactive window shopping experiences at store’s front, capture people’s attention from afar and, as a magnet, brings crowds to immerse in the experience presented.  Imagine yourself walking inside a shopping mall and from afar, seeing a huge shark swimming inside a store and reacting to the people standing the window.

Interactive window displays are certainly eye-catching, and present the “wow” factor that bring shoppers to your store. Shoppers now can stand in front of a store window and immerse in a shopping experience that can be shared with others via social networks such as twitter, Facebook and others.


Imagine a huge image of an animal, fish or bird displayed on the store’s window which reacts to the people standing across. This will certainly attract shoppers to the window like a magnet. Now imagine that once they get close you engage them in a playful manner so they can explore your products. and now imagine if through this process you can let people share their immersive experience with their friends in their own social networks.


Best Interactive Retail Experiences
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