Monetize your Shopping Mall with Interactive Technology

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Interactive Technology can help you monetize your Shopping Mall.
As shopping malls continue to proliferate, mall owners are under increasing pressure to deliver consumers a unique and differentiated shopping experience with the use of interactive technology. At the same time, it is in their interest to drive traffic to the individual retail outlets that comprise the mall.

Buying decisions are highly influenced by real-time interaction between consumers and products at the point-of-sale so here is where Lusens Interactive Technology comes into place.

Lusens’ interactive technology allows mall owners to offer a significant value added service to their retail tenants seeking to differentiate themselves, while, at the same time, generating new revenue streams for themselves.

Using video analytics and other technologies, Lusens allows retailers and mall owners to track the number of people who stopped at their interactive displays and ultimately entered the store, thereby yielding quantifiable metrics and a clear ROI.

Mall operators can also offer endless entertainment possibilities, turning their properties into a virtual playground resulting into a more enjoyable shopping experience. This, in turn, will drive more sales. Creating a memorable experience for their customers will drive added value purchasing and ensure brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Interactive displays represent a completely different paradigm for sending Advertiser’s message and capturing attention in a way that static ads simply cannot. With LUSENS, Advertisers can create high-impact motion-activated content including digital signage and experiential advertising in malls.

Lusens and its partners offer a whole new interactive media platform for advertisers and allow them, in turn, to engage their customers in a captivating new way. Content can be modified to keep the message fresh and relevant. Consumers can be empowered to select from a menu of different ads by a simple wave of the arm, walking over the digital image or by some other gesture-enabling interaction.

Research and case studies on the use of interactive digital advertising all point to similar results – message recall, probability of  a purchase, and brand recognition – increase significantly.

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Monetize your Shopping Mall with Interactive Technology
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