How Interactive Wall Systems Work

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You may wonder how Interactive Wall Systems Work.
The way we use to interact with machines his changing. Input devices like keyboards, joysticks and mouses are becoming things of the past. More intuitive user interface based on touch and gesture technology is replacing older technologies and… is here to stay!. Some ask “How Interactive Floor and Wall Systems Work?”

Touch, multi-touch and gesture technologies developed allows users to interact with digital computing content in a more natural, intuitive and efficient way while generating a most engaging and memorable user experience. Based on special sensors and sophisticated software is now possible to converts static surfaces into Interactive Floor and Wall Systems which act as fully interactive digital media platforms.

The heart and brains of Interactive Wall Systems as well as multi-touch tables, touch and gesture interactive windows and other platforms are unique touch and body motion sensors connected to computers and projectors or displays. Some platforms, such as LUSENS’ provide a wealth of powerful featured that makes the interactive surfaces ideal for retail, museums, hospitals, and many other venues.

Among the minimum requirements to convert a wall into a sophisticated and effective interactive digital media platform are: (1) use of proper touch, body motion and gesture technologies and processing; (2) video analytics to determine ROI by counting the number long and short interactors, passers by and observers; (3) Multiuser capabilities; (4) Usage reports; (5) Easy to use and program Playlist, Editor and Scheduler; (6) Easy to edit, modify and create experiences; (7) Vast gallery of effects that can be easily modified using available Editor; (8) Plug & Play, (9) a powerful CMS – content management system.

Interactive Floors, Walls, Tables and Windows can be used in retail, events and outdoor media as highly effective interactive marketing tool as they captivate the target audience in those environments. Systems easily turns an open floor area for example, into an exciting, ongoing experience of movement and action, fun and excitement which can be tailored for the venue and the client.

Lusens and its exclusive partners in more than 41 countries, have designed and installed numerous Interactive Floors, Interactive Walls and Interactive Windows based on its superior I8 software suite as well as several using its all-in-one, plug & play, portable, Convertible Unit.

You can learn about Interactive Floor, Wall and other experiences on this site.

How Interactive Wall Systems Work
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