MultiTouch Surfaces and Tables

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Consumers have shown a growing preference for the multi-touch, gestural interface pioneered by the iPhone® but thus far, this has been limited to smaller, hand-held devices. Multitouch surfaces and tables can now be of any size and shape.

LUSENS has extended this paradigm to now successfully engage consumers using much larger mediums including floor screens, table tops, and window displays as well as multitouch tables and surfaces including bar-top tables..

LUSENS offers a wide range of innovative applications for clients in a variety of industry verticals and disciplines. Each of our products enables the delivery of unique messages using intuitive, exciting and versatile interactive media platforms. Providing a memorable customer experience ensures that your customers not only see your message but are far more likely to respond.

LUSEN’s technology turns ordinary surfaces into an exciting self-activated experiences and multitouch surfaces.  Implementing the LUSENS interactive technology, each fixture is specially tailored to suit the needs of any client. It enhances retail environments, creates a unique advertising campaign, promotes sales or exhibits data in a whole new way. Activated through motion detection, each flat surface can turn into an innovative information system.

To learn more about multitouch and other interactive experiences visit this page.

MultiTouch Surfaces and Tables
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