Interactive Wayfinders

Interactive Wayfinders – A Better Way To Engage And Inform

Our Digital Wayfinding goes beyond signage, leveraging your customers’ precise location to deliver customized point-to-point directions, taking the stress out of navigating large and complex sites.

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Interactive WayFinders

Interactive Wayfinders are digital kiosks designed for use in residential or office buildings, hotels, retail spaces, hospitals, universities and other facilities to guide customers and visitors on how to find a location. These devices let them browse through directories for a specific place or attraction and can deliver a custom branded experience with the a companies brand messaging. Lusens Interactive Wayfinders empower customers and visitors by effectively delivering information they need, in a timely and intuitive manner. At Lusens we design and create custom wayfinding kiosks that engage, impress and inform. Our team has developed highly effective wayfinding solutions for major retail and hospitality merchants worldwide, and always base on our expertise around helping users understand and navigate their surroundings.

An artistically developed and well-executed immersive experience not only creates memories, but it also gets people talking, and in our modern world that’s so driven by social media, talking goes a long way. That’s true also for Interactive WayFinders, and especially true if the immersive software is set up for users to find valuable and useful information. This is engagement at its finest, and the reason immersive experiences are such a big part of Lusens’ success.
The ability to interact with your way-finders will keep visitors engaged and keep them coming back for more. The Lusens software suite features touch and gesture sensors that can turn an ordinary digital directory into something truly memorable. The desire to become involved with the media is what makes interactive experiences special.