Unmatched Interactive Wayfinding Experiences


At Lusens we create Unmatched Interactive Wayfinding Experiences. As a leader in multi-touch and gesture interactive experiences Lusens designs and delivers custom interactive Digital Wayfinding Kiosk and Display solutions that are effective, engaging and multi-purpose as they not only serve as a standard wayfinder but also a a information centre, digital directory and advertising platform that is easy to monetize.

Our Way-Finders guide customers to their destination, feature browsing and searching on local directories while serving as an advertising and promotion platform for tenants, a place where visitors can get e-coupons that increase sales activities.

Our in-house development team consisting of Wayfinding Experiences experts, IT specialists, industrial designers, graphic designers and user interface experts can design, develop and install Digital Wayfinding solutions that are fully customized for your specific needs and will blend with your venue. Our Wayfinding Experiences are memorable and captivating.

At Lusens, we know WayFinding Experiences as our multi-disciplinary team has developed highly effective systems for major retail, non profit organizations and hospitality worldwide. Our Digital Wayfinding goes beyond static signage as it can leverage customers’ precise location to deliver customized point-to-point directions, and also since it can be updated and upgraded as the physical built of the venue changes, partitions moves, tenants change, etc.

Studies have shown that Digital Way Finders increase customers’ satisfaction, promote longer stays, and encourage repeat visits.

With Lusens Digital Wayfinding Kiosks your customers may never be lost again and your update and maintenance cost will decrease significantly. All this while portraying to your visitors a modernized brand experience and providing them access to timely and relevant information.

To learn more about Interactive Wayfinding Experiences other uses of interactive technology visit this page.

Unmatched Interactive Wayfinding Experiences
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