When Code Comes to Life–Augmented Reality

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Lusens 3D Technology

3d Technology is Here to Stay

As you asking yourself how 3D Technology works in cinema or television movies ? Are you wondering what is the technology behind our ability to perceive the 3rd dimension ? New advances in 3D technology have created a momentum and we see it widely adopted as an advancing technology in various industries. Definitely, 3D Technology is Here to Stay as is becoming… Read more →

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Augmented Reality – More Than Meets the Eye

Augmented reality also known as AR technology, is presented as a technology that merges digital content with the real, physical world. This AR technology uses superimposed images onto objects generated by a computer. It augments the already present objects to appear as enhancement. The boundary between the real and simulated world is blurred with the integration of the two worlds. This AR… Read more →