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Numerous applications of interactive technologies in digital environments

The way you interact with a system, media or say a digital environment has transformed completely. With virtual reality and augmented reality coming of age, these systems are getting more intuitive as they are now able to comprehend the users’ touch, gesture and body movements. More and more architects, engineers and interior designers from all over the world are now applying these digital technologies and system to create media and art which is responsive to the users’ gesture and specifically, digital environments that engage, immerse and entertain. If you have been inside a game parlour, you must have come across games where the character on the screen moves exactly how you move while playing the game. It is a small instance of application of interactive technologies in gaming. There are similar applications in media, education, training and many more.

Interactive media comprise of communication where the users can interact with the objects on the media and get a response from it. The digital agencies are using these technologies to create media for education of the kids and children who are able to learn in a better manner using digital technologies. As there is users’ participation in these media content, the experience derived from them is unmatched. The application of Artificial Intelligence have led to the emergence of AR and VR which has in turn caused the precipitation of the technology to a level where it is directly engaging, informing and inspiring the users.

The role of companies like Lusens in the implementation of immersive and interactive technologies for immersive, digital spaces

Creative and design companies, like Lusens, is the place where the most innovative applications of immersive technologies are brainstormed. The applications such as interactive wayfinders and bar top media systems are some of the amazing applications. There are several such applications and implementation already on the way to the users. In order to provide the users with an user experience which is truly enriching, there are several companies which are burning the midnight oil.

The experts employed by these agencies must come together and work to create something that will blow your audience away. Believe it or not, these companies succeed in doing so fairly regularly. So if you have been thinking of making your brand more visible and engaged with its customer base, now would be the right time to find such an expert.

Make sure that an expert digital agency handles your needs

Pick a service which has been pioneering innovations in immersive technologies by creating products and offering user experience services. The list of products developed by should include a wide range of products and technologies. Good examples include interactive wayfinders, donor recognition display, immersive windows and walls and body gesture and touch driven games etc. They also provide various user experience services to the clients and help them develop products to offer an intuitive and immersive experience to their users. The applications of such displays are also quite useful for advertisements as they are very attractive.

Find a great digital agency to take care of your storytelling needs and see for yourself how your current audience becomes more responsive and more profitable for your brand!

Digital Environments
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